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If any of you guys happen to have a Wikia account, go at the link below to help me write the wiki of the game.


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I'm not sure it's a good idea for a game in it's alpha state to have a wiki. Even more, have you asked how tomashu feels about this? It's very important you see and I talk based on experience.

I had made a wiki on a certain m&b mod and because of this, I antagonized the creator of the mod, thus got the rest of the community mad at me. I ended up deleting the wiki even if I had dedicated a lot of time in and had written more than 40 pages for it. Another similar case involving someone else, the guy had the idea of starting a wiki on a certain indie game, the creator of the game didn't like the wikia interface and thus hosted his own wiki and no content from  the initial wiki was transferred, creating one of the biggest waste of times I have ever seen as the contributors deserted the initial one.

Another case of wiki projects based on mods or indie games only in early stages of dev. gone wrong is when one of the developers disappeared, leaving the game dead. So no one really took interest in playing it, even less looking at the 6-8 pages wiki for it, which had run out of material since the development had stopped. Best example of this is probably this one: terrablox.wikia.com

And now on for a more famous case. The one game which has the most wikis on the net about it, is Destiny Wikia, Destinypedia, Destiny Gamepedia, Destiny etc. When the game wasn't even released yet,  the multiple wikis were created. At first the lack of information, except for what little was revealed in adds, this of course doesn't concern CaRPG, it's rather the later part, when the alpha test for playstation started. The limited content, added to the changes that came with the beta and official releases added a lot of work which put us editors in a kind of mess. The work had doubled because a lot of things had to be rewritten, modified etc

I am not saying that your idea is utterly terrible, just a little unwell timed and that it could have perhaps been a good idea to ask tomashu before. Though I'm pretty sure his reply would've been one of approval, we're never too sure. I'll contribute to the wiki when the game makes it out of the alpha stage of development. Because it is too chaotic and counter productive in my opinion to write anything, be it a review, a rant, a wiki, a guide or whatever else about something that is subject to change very often.
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I don't see any problems with wiki. Well, it's a bit cheating but I would use it too :P

Some information may get outdated but thats problem with many developed games.

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I have spoken of the future! I am one who sees the future. ;)
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I'm pretty sure his reply would've been one of approval
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