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I was just wandering about something. Most of the time, when I ask "Gossip" to Innkeepers, they tell me stuff about legendary artifacts, somewhere in the wild. But are they real, do they exist in-game or it's just for the lore?

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They're real and sometimes, you'll encounter travellers and other prominent characters in inns who will give you quests related to these items. By example, the angelskin armour is obtained in an armoury guarded by golems. But to access such an armoury you need first to encounter the rich investor.

Edit: look, in this video, there's the angel skin and the angel bow. Two ancient items you can obtain by completing quests. Since then, I've gotten the Semur Scimitar, another legendary item. I'm now looking for the remaining 2 or 3.

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Currently all artifacts are related to unique quest. in future there will be more of them, probably some in possesion of some enemy, hero, or hidden inside forgotten crypt.