January 20, 2019, 00:13:44 AM
Patch version 0.2.23
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More bugs fixed.

Patch requires previous version, 0.2.2x
CaRpg 0.2.23 (1.24 MB)
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- fixed crash in MP after loading game [Leinnan]
- fixed yell for client
- fixed missing animation when character say something
- fixed missing animation for client after end of animation
- fixed some small memory leaks
- small gui fixes
- after killing player/npc with poison he will never stand up [Minister of Death]
- fixed unit still using shield after standing up if it was using it before falling
- fixed weapon status for client when he fall when taking/hiding weapon
- fixed ability to use chat box on world map
- fixed rare crash when entering location associated with chests generation [Minister of Death]
- fixed many crashes when loading mp game where client is doing something at time of saving [Minister of Death/Leinnan]
- fixed not stopping using objects by team members [Minister of Death]
- fixed not eating or drinking by npc when sitting [Minister of Death]
- fixed rare crash when unit dies when using bow
- fixed ai standing for long time after fight doing nothing in cities
- fixed ability to use anvil when holding other item [Minister of Death]
- fixed units spawning inside well [Minister of Death]
- fixed mages using bows instead of wands [Minister of Death]
- fixed playing attack sounds for client when sound is turned off
- fixed crash when weaponless enemy kills client far from host sight
- fixed npc animations for client after attacking
- alchemist don't buy food/drink, food seller don't buy potions [Minister of Death]
- fixed counter physics inside inn [Minister of Death]
- fixed animation of training ais
- fixed command "killall 3" crashing for client
- fixed animations of ai power attacks for client
- can't use "speed" command in MP

Thanks to bug seekers:
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Minister of Death
Paradox Edge

Minister of Death

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I didn't have the time yesterday to thank you. Thanks for fixing these bugs, now I will be able to do that quest with jozan without fearing that he will never get back up!

Now I think the next goal should be to integrate leinnan's models in the game, he has done some nice things. :)
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