February 19, 2019, 14:42:32 PM
Patch version 0.2.22
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New version, only bug fixes now ::)

Patch requires previous version, 0.2.20
CaRpg 0.2.22 (1.19 MB)

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+ can change console key
+ can exit city while tournament
- fixed crash when getting gold when player and npcs take credit [Minister of Death]
- fixed client hang when entering location [thebard88]
- fixed missing physics of chair
- fixed wrong texture in bandits stash
- fixed wrong player visuals for client when not picked hair/mustache/beard [Leinnan]
- fixed too small radius of particles
- fixed talking to enemies when invisible
- fixed missing Jozan [Minister of Death]
- fixed killing citizens by one hit not aggregating people [Minister of Death]
- fixed crash after giving potion of clear mind to mage [Minister of Death]
- fixed bugs and typos in english dialogs
- fixed missing old mage dialogs when entering location
- fixed not translated inventory title [Zinny]
- fixed items not respawning in city
- fixed bug when holding weapon, trying to use potion will make character start hiding weapon, canceling that will cause inability to use items [Minister of Death]
- fixed bug like above but when client do that will cause problems for server
- fixed crash when there less then two people on tournament or contest
- fixed inability to exit city after winning tournament [fire]
- fixed ai bugs after loosing at arena
- fixed bug when unit was knocked when taking/hiding weapon, will block ai actions
- fixed bug when waiting for day of tournament will warp all heroes, including team members, in front of arena, units from inn was invisible [fire]
- fixed crash when asking gossip (will tell about not existing locations) [Minister of Death]
- fixed spell thunderbolt moving thru walls
- fixed breaking synchronization in mp when canceling taking/hiding weapon to fast

Thanks to bug seekers:
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Minister of Death
Paradox Edge


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ye that version fixes damn mass of very annoying bugs, have to admit. Love that release! Keep working on some new features though!
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