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== Traduction Française ==
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thanks tomashu! I was wondering why the game couldn't detect my language directory lol

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J'admet que la traduction est pas mal morte ces temps-ci. J'vais redoublé les efforts pour essayer d'avoir ça pr?t avant noël. Étant tr?s occupé en ce moment...


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New files:

Code: [Select]
unit_xxx changed to unit xxx
unit_citzen changed to unit citizen

Code: [Select]
// typ pancerza
invalidArmor = "(Does not fit)"
(other removed)

// nazwy budynków
(added) b_village_house_old = "Village house"

classes, attributes, skill removed from here

added at end:
// buffs
buffPoison = "Poisoned"
buffAlcohol = "Alcohol"
buffRegeneration = "Regeneration"
buffNatural = "Natural healing"
buffFood = "Food"
buffAntimagic = "Antimagic"

Code: [Select]
Many changes here, now it's an array. Also location names are here.
Code: [Select]
Completly rewritten, sorry [img][/img]
Code: [Select]
Added at end
// dialog_trener, index d1302
d1302 = "Short blade"
d1303 = "Long blade"
d1304 = "Axe"
d1305 = "Blunt"
d1306 = "Medium armor usage"
// dialog_main, index d1307
d1307 = "Finally you are here $player_name$! I thought that you change your mind."
d1308 = "Please, with this letter you will be accepted for training at the Academy."
d1309 = "It's located to the $target_dir$ from $close_name$, I'm sure you will find it."
d1310 = "Take also the gold to cover travel expenses."
d1311 = "Good luck."

Code: [Select]
// main menu
changed infoText = "CARPG\nVersion: %s\nBuild: %u\nDate: %s\nAuthors: Tomashu, Leinnan and others\nMore information in readme_eng.txt file."

// menu
added menu = "Menu"

// inventory
removed priceN = "Price: %d (%d) gp"

// stats panel
statsPanel = "Character"
skills = "Skills"
traits = "Traits"
stats = "Statistics"
feats = "Feats"
traitsClass = "Class: %s"
traitsText = "Health: %d/%d\nAttack: %s/%s\nDefense: %d\nMobility: %d\nCarry capacity: %g/%g kg\nGold: %d gp"
statsText = "Game time: %02d:%02d:%02d\nDefeated enemies: %d\nKnocked: %d\nDamage given: %d\nDamage taken: %d\nArena combats: %d"
yearMonthDay = "Year: %d\nMonth: %d\nDay: %d"
base = "Base"
statsDate = "Date: %d.%02d.%02d"

// team panel
charDays = ", days:%d)"  --> charDays = ", days:%d"
notEnoughtGold -> notEnoughGold

// world map
citzens -> citizens

// character creation -> create character panel
added at end:
createCharWarn = "You didn't used all skill/feat point.\nDo you want to continue?"
skillPoints = "Skill points: %d/%d"
perkPoints = "Feats: %d/%d"
createCharText = "Pick your starting skills and feats. You can increase skill only once. You can't pick multiple feats that alter same attribute/skill."
createCharTooMany = "You spend too many skill points/feats."
randomSet = "Random"

// klawisze gry
keyStats = "Character"
keyInventory = "Inventory"
keyTeam = "Team"
keyActions = "Spells and abilities"
keyRotateCamera = "Rotate camera"

// edycja gui
all removed

// nazwy lokacji
added academy = "Academy"

// gra
gainStr = "strength"
gainEnd = "endurance"
gainDex = "dexterity"
gainOneHanded = "weapon combat skill"
gainShield = "shield skill"
gainBow = "bow skill"
gainLightArmor = "light armor skill"
gainHeavyArmor = "heavy armor skill"
gainText = "Your %s has increased by %d."

gainTextAttrib = "Your %s has increased by %d."
gainTextSkill = "Your %s skill has increased by %d."

realyQuit -> reallyQuit

// dialogi 1
aboutWarrior = "I'm a warrior. Earn by killing monsters, bandits and other scum. Rely mostly on melee weapons, heavy armor and shield."
aboutHunter = "I'm a hunter. Spend my entire life on journeys, exploring the forests and caves. I shoot perfectly with a bow but not afraid of hand combat."
aboutRogue = "I'm a rogue. Travels here and there. Sometimes rob someone or stab in back. Anything interesting."
aboutMage = "I'm a mage. Through the power of mind mastered the mysteries of magic and calculated the indefinite integral. Now travels the world check my skills in practice."

// dystans / siła
eLvlAvarage0 -> eLvlAverage0
eLvlAvarage1 -> eLvlAverage1

// obóz wrogów
sgo_undeads -> sgo_undead

// quest
quest267 = "I applied for training to the Academy. Mayor of %s promised to help me with it. I should visit him and see if everything is ready."
quest268 = "After speaking with the mayor I got the official documents by which they will take me to the Academy. It is located %s from %s."
quest269 = "The Academy"
quest270 = "You've always dreamed of becoming a hero to whom the bards sang. Lucky for you\ntwenty years ago, the king ordered to build the Academy. Anyone willing can\ntake training there. You decided that's what you need. The mayor promised to get\nyou the official documents. You should meet with him.\n\n[Currently this quest is not possible to complete. The aim of the game is\nto complete the remaining 8 unique quests. Good luck!]"
quest271 = "[You can not enter the Academy.\nSee you in the next version CaRpg!]"
quest272 = "Marco Bartoli"
quest273 = "Arto"
quest274 = "Sir Foltest Denhoff"
quest275 = "Jozan"
quest276 = "%s joined my team. I don't know if I want to finish this quest."
quest277 = "The time that I had to complete this quest passed."
quest278 = "Adventurers took care of the bandits who collected a fee on the road."

// statystyki przedmiotów -> item stats
descWeapon = " (%s)\nAttack: %d (%d) "
requiredStrength = "\nRequired strength: %d"
descBow = "\nAttack: %d (%d) piercing\nRequired strength: %d"
descArmor = " (%s)\nDefense: %d (%d)\nRequired strenght: %d%s\nDexterity limit: %d%s\n"
descShield = "\nDefense: %d (%d)\nRequired strength: %d%s\n"

attack = "Attack"
defense = "Defense"
mobility = "Mobility"
requiredStrength = "Required strength"

// menu net
sendingChar = "Sending character"
receivingChars = "Receiving characters"

waitingForServer = "Waiting for server"
startingGame = "Starting game"
preparingWorld = "Preparing world"
invalidCrc = "Invalid data checksum"
invalidCrc2 = "Invalid data checksum.\nYour: %p\nServer: %p"

Sorry :(

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It's ok, but please, tell me about definitive changes before release. Otherwise, it will always slow down the french translation.

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Je ferme le projet; Je recommence tout ? neuf.
J'offre, pour les curieux et les fous, la possibilité d'obtenir les fichiers textes partiellement traduits sur
lesquels j'ai dédié une partie de mon temps libre.

Les fichiers ne sont pas corrigés; bonne chance pour retrouver quoi que ce soit de valeur la dedans.

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