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Patch version 0.2.21
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New version, first this year ;D Most important thing are removed bugs reported on this forum but there is something new too. You can yield on NPCs to move them out of your way. Default key for that is Y.

Patch requires previous version, 0.2.20
CaRpg 0.2.21 (1.23 MB)

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+ you can yell at npc to move them out of road (default key Y)
+ configurable timeout
+ better logging
+ synchronization poison debuff and green hpbar
- fixed crash when client was kicked from server by timeout [thebard88]
- fixed text about loading (null) models
- fixed crash when loading game on world map with NPC in team [Paradox Edge]
- fixed crash when orc tries to sit on throne [Zinny]
- fixed crash when talking to Jozan (when holding book) or with agent in english version [Zinny]
- fixed crash after tournament [Zinny]
- fixed bug that mages won't cast spells and think that target is too far
- fixed crash when leaving location and units generated after player use object (team members that leave, messengers  etc.) [Zinny]
- fixed bug after loading saves older then 0.2.20 (break unit action)

Thanks to bug seekers:
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Paradox Edge
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