January 20, 2019, 00:22:36 AM
Version 0.2.20
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New CaRpg version 0.2.20 :)
Most important changes is food, new textures and models, post effects and many bugs fixed from previous versions.

CaRpg 0.2.20 (90.8 MB)

Patch 0.2.20 (for version 0.2.12, 8.27 MB)

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About saves:
* Saves from any version should work in this version.
* New buildings and objects won't spawn in already generated locations.
* New items won't spawn in locations until they reset.
* Benches will be updated when loaded.
* Active alcohol effects won't be changed to new one.
+ using items will work in MP for indexes larger then 255
+ food (meat, raw meat, bread, apple, honeycomb, cheese, rice, mushroom), models created by MarkK
+ new commands: hurt, break_action, fall
+ old drunk mage join contest and tournament, drink from time to time, new dialogs
+ drunkmans after contest train for another, citzens and villagers can join contest
+ eat, drink, hide weapon while sitting
+ better update to text inside box in inventory
+ build number in exe and save
+ better displaying near character names and healthbars
+ new effect after drinking alcohol
+ useable items have visible model when on ground, not a sack
+ pickable mushrooms in caves
+ eating food by AI
+ buffs visible above healthbar
+ potion of natural healing incrase healing from food and regeneration potion
+ food seller
+ items inside town, you can take them if you are poor :P
+ better targeting object in front of player
+ game message "Received item"
+ rummors add date
+ background on load screen
+ netural heroes loot bodies and try not to get overweight
+ better generation of units inside inn
+ control mapping can be removed in options by right mouse button
+ graying out after death
+ game variable: c_postfx - can turn off post effects
+ chests can only be opened from right side
+ miners more often do what they supposed to do
+ level change area is only visible when near
+ food inside dungeons
+ 50% chance for well inside town, model by Leinnan
+ new models: cauldron, 4 benches, many tombstones, chair, barrels by Leinnan
+ worse items inside village, merchant don't sell food becouse of food seller
+ new drunks and sellers dialogs
+ obelisk on open map, big withered tree
+ better position of new game messages
+ better chance for using healing potions by AI
+ AI faster eat food after sitting
+ new textures created/gathered by Leinnan
- fixed missing celling and painting inside wall in soltys house
- fixed missing blood for units killed by heroes dungeon raid
- fixed font scalling when windows dpi is incrased
- fixed possibility to sitting on wrong side of bench in front of inn
- fixed wrong sound of magic ball
- fixed missing blacksmith in villages
- fixed not sorted items in camps and on bandits caravan attack
- fixed rare bug when serval stacks of same items are created
- fixed rare crash when loading quest item
- fixed memleak with quest encounters
- fixed missing sound when client pickup gold from ground
- fixed bug where using item while changing level will cause item stick to unit hand
- fixed bug where ai can't see unit standing near door
- fixed bug where ai can't enter tile with closed doors if it's animal
- fixed rare crash when ai search for target near border of map
- fixed rare missing animation when picking item from ground
- fixed bug: key preventing leaving location was Shift instead of Walk key, work in dungeon now too
- fixed bug where ai can only mine ore vain from two of four directions
- fixed bug where player is sitting when contest start, it gets stuck
- fixed wrong text after loosing, it was saying that you was alone if only players where in your team
- fixed missing sound of using object in MP
- fixed bugged sounds in multiplayer when attached to unit
- fixed bug where units don't close mouth after talking until moved
- fixed rare crash when generating units in forest/moonwell