January 20, 2019, 00:16:40 AM
Version 0.2.12
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New version of CaRpg can be downloaded now 0.2.12 ;)
This is patch version but there is some new models created by Leinnan.

CaRpg 0.2.12 (88.8 MB)

Patch 0.2.12 (for version 0.2.10, 2.62 MB)

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+ ai can move while taking out bow
+ new objects: shalves, stool, bania
+ new models (table, desk, throne, bookshelf, bed, tent, boxes, paintings, wooden shield, ladle)
+ patch script
+ more buildings in city
+ torchlight flickering
- fixed couting fights on arena
- fixed bug with dialog box with checkbox
- fixed missing item from version 0.2/0.2.1 due to typo (emerals vs emerald)
- fixed bug with generating objects on wall inside object near wall (gobelin and bed)
- fixed memory leak when checking version and server return invalid response
- fixed memory leak when server lags and client shot arrows fast
- fixed rare crash when shooting bow