June 26, 2019, 14:42:40 PM
Patch 0.6.2
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New fast version due to serious bug in previous version (no items generated in chests).

CaRpg 0.6.2 (108 MB)

CaRpg patch 0.6/0.6.1->0.6.2 (1.4 MB)

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+ loading objects from file
- fixed crash when team npc want item from another team npc [MikelkCZ]
- fixed some object wrongly having colliders
- fixed building signs blocking player in city
- fixed invalid village hall mesh
- fixed invalid sign texture for food seller
- better redirecting to website
- fixed base animation played sometimes after drinking animation
- fixed not marking usable object as free when client stopped using, broken animation
- fixed opening/closing door not send between clients (only between client and server)
- fixed missing items in chests


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Cool, I might stream it on Saturday. So that will hopefully go well.
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