July 16, 2019, 08:44:12 AM
New version 0.5
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There was long time without new version but finally it is here. Main changes: stamina, special actions per class (dash, bull's charge, animal ally), faster loading at startup and as usual fixed old bugs ::)

CaRpg 0.5 (107 MB)

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+ player actions (rogue - dash, hunter - animal ally, warrior - bull's charge)
+ stamina - used by attacking, blocking
+ new items: cup, golden cup, golden bar, plate, sausage, soup, stew, fish, fish meat, healing herb, green herb, frying pan
+ new resource manager, loading when required (units, items, buildings, objects, textures, music) not on start of game, new pak format
+ loading spells, dialogs, unit, buildings from file
+ loading list of required entities from file
+ bow arrow speed depends on bow type & skill [Paradox Edge]
+ autowalk (key F)
+ support for missing textures and meshes for items loading
+ allow game start without sound drivers
+ removed main quest until it's more complete
+ support for transparent items
+ new commands forcequest, stun, refresh_cooldown
- fixed rare pathfinding crash inside city/village
- fixed world map not sent to clients randomly
- fixed last item not visible in controls change panel
- fixed orc gorush always picking shaman class for random
- fixed orc gorush never getting more healing potions as intendent
- fixed incorrect number of items generated for innkeeper and orc blacksmith
- fixed crash when entering cave/encounter with animals
- fixed crash when using $ in textbox
- fixed crash in ecounter deliver parcel when parcel was not in inventory
- fixed crash when loading game on worldmap and player is disconnected
- fixed rare crash when generating village
- fixed tournament heroes being generated in any city, not only chosen one
- fixed window focus bug
- fixed problems with cursor when window was far from center
- fixed "iron vain" typo
- fixed invalid player name
- fixed carried inventory weight effect on run speed
- fixed many animations speed affected by walk speed (drop item, pickup)
- fixed compability with pre 0.3 village hall broken in 0.4.20
- fixed fields texture in villages
- fixed item icon not using armor texture overrides (mithril, dragonscale)
- fixed objects around buildings from village spawning inside city townhall
- fixed journal blocking quicksave/quickload


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That's super nice, I've been wanting for a new version for a while
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Nice work Tomashu! You should probably update the thread with a link to the recent patch you made.


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From now there will be monthly updates, so only 3 days left for new version.