February 19, 2019, 14:25:28 PM
Patch 0.4.20
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Probably last patch version before 0.5, there is no bugs left :P

CaRpg 0.4.20 for versions 0.4, 0.4.10 (1.83 MB)

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+ added code to prevent font loading failure on windows 10 [XNautPhD]
+ added code to turn off sound and music if initializing sound driver fails [XNautPhD]
+ update FmodEx library to newest version
- fixed new version dialog not showing up
- fixed ai not buying medium armor if they have none if this is their best skill
- fixed wrong displayed count for ground items with count > 255 in MP
- fixed memory leaks created in previous version
- fixed memory leak for bow animation and unit shape in create character panel
- fixed memory leaks in dialog window with checkbox
- fixed bandit archer have 10% change to carry two bows
- fixed potion or food not disappearing after consume when unit is killed for client
- fixed memory leak with loading armors from file
- fixed message box not showing on task bar
- fixed english translation typo for quest delivery letter
- fixed taking out bow when changing level cause bugs [Vinur_Gamall]
- fixed spawning goblins quest boss in random room when loading game after talking with innkeeper (pre 0.4 saves)
- fixed killing/breaking action of units using objects will make them stuck inside object
- fixed breaking action of units drinking/eating will cause item to stay in hand
- fixed message about not accepting pvp when client accepted pvp from server
- fixed ultra rare crash on create character panel [Vinur_Gamall]
- fixed bow animation on create character panel [Vinur_Gamall]


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That's the spirit!  8)
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Once again, you've done magnificent efforts to make this game grow. I shall try the patch soon enough, but first, may I ask if there are new dialogs?
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