January 20, 2019, 00:23:19 AM
Version 0.4
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Finally there is something for new version ???

CaRpg 0.4 (102 MB)

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+ new armor types (padded, hide, scale, splint), high quality armors, magical armor
+ new skills (long blade, short blade, axe, blunt, medium armor)
+ new attributes (inteligence, wisdom, charisma)
+ perks
+ reworked character creation screen, multiplayer lobby character picking
+ new music/sounds [Vinur_Gamall]
+ rogue backstab bonus works for bows now
+ better camera, can rotate around character
+ moved from vs2008 to vs2013
+ setstat command
+ improved quests timeout handling
+ citizens will tell about near locations only once in one dialog
- fixed port config not working [dookey]
- fixed heavy armor skill used to calculate dexterity when wearing light armor
- fixed bow attack speed being changed by weapon skill not bow
- fixed canceling editing character change appearance anyway
- fixed missing quest updates in MP
- clicking on end dialog with weapons taken won't cause attack [Vinur_Gamall]
- fixed rare crash when entering city/village
- fixed bug in crazies quest: saving after taking stone will cause quest to not progress further
- fixed rare heap corruption after generating city roads
- fixed generating grills in corridors [Minister of Death]
- fixed crash when leaving village, loading on map with saves from < 0.3 [Minister of Death]
- fixed compatibility with old saves , village hall model was replaced by new one that not fit [Minister of Death]
- fixed creating server after loading mp game cause to have character from previous save
- fixed crash when loading with quest generated items [Medarc]
- fixed crash when quest with camp timed out (retrive package, camp near city, stolen artifact) [Medarc]
- fixed client credit and free days showing invalid values after loading
- fixed duplicating last item in inventory for fallowers
- fixed dialog choices not being cleared after loading when talking
- fixed keeping cheats from other game after loading
- fixed camp not being removed while traveling on map if it was last visited location
- [Rescue captive] fixed captive dying before talking
- [Rescue captive] captive now disappear when quest timeouts, not when locations resets
- [Rescue captive] fixed crash when accepted quest after loading
- [Wanted] fixed entering first time location after loading won't spawn target
- [Wanted] fixed crash when target is in team on timeout
- [Wanted] fixed crash on timeout when target leaved area
- [Deliver letter] fixed invalid letter name after loading
- [Sawmill] fixed generated woodcutters ai leaks
- [Sawmill] fixed lumberjack visuals not saved properly
- [Gorush] fixed clearing camp not working after loading (after asking where it is but before entering)
- [Gorush] fixed generating orc leader inside locked room
- [Golems on road] fixed posibility to skip drinking animation
- [Golems on road] fixed crash when not disallow old mage to join party and he leaves
- [Evil] fixed dialog after closing all portals (tells where to go when you are already there)
- fixed blood lighting in dungeons
- fixed ai going to inn disappear
- fixed ai exiting village at old gates position
- fixed tearing near light with high fps
- fixed bug with ai team member getting warped to useable object [Minister of Death]
- fixed player unit not being removed when player crashed on loading world

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Minister of Death

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Damn, now that's hardwork! gonna try it soon!


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woo! I've been hoping something like this would happen!
I have high hopes for CaRPG.


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Glad to see some more updates, man!  I haven't played this in a good minute, but it'd be worth to check out again and see the improvements you made.


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Glad to see some development on the game. Real nice to see someone actually try to make fun games.
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