January 20, 2019, 00:27:27 AM
Version 0.3
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New version :o Unfortunately, mainly graphic changes and fixed errors.
Ignore this text about beta version near number in menu, I forget to turn it off.

CaRpg 0.3 (1.24 MB)

Patch 0.3, wymaga wersji 0.2.2X (6.7 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ drawing glow around target
+ normal mapping
+ shader cache
+ specular / specular mapping
+ better lighting inside buildings
+ new walls, towers, gate (Leinnan)
+ new village buildings, inn, village house (Leinnan)
+ new objects around buildings (Leinnan)
+ new city/village generator
+ grass / fields
+ new hero names
+ options to turn off vsync
+ can change screenshot extension
+ translated language pick dialog
+ Ctrl + V in console
+ better pathfinding
+ ai fallowing player don't avoid stepping on grass in city
- fixed dungeon texture uv
- enemies spawn further from player team [Docucat]
- opening doors by ai in building don't crash
- fixed blockade for joining other versions
- fixed generating objects blocking path in dungeon
- fixed memory leaks when loading game with missing player
- fixed bug when unit eat something when changing level and can't do anything
- fixed displaying gossip text as dialog
- fixe rare crash when entering location
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Nice, I'm glad to have downloaded it before you say it's available

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btw is it patchfinding or pathfinding?


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Wonderful. A new update for me to return to. Hopefully multiplayer will crash less now and have less corrupted saves. I am excited to participate in this new land with ADVANCED GRAPHICS!