January 20, 2019, 00:22:06 AM
Some spelling Errors ingame (not Grammar Nazi)
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When you gain a lvl in certain skill or attribute it spells *Incrased* not increased.... i dont know if this is supposed to be a misunderstanding or spell problem... but also many of your descriptions of gear have slight misspells too... Just a little heads up... Also the game could maybe have a bigger map and alot of fixed typos of text such as... when you encounter a mage it says *he has a screw loose* why not maybe use for example *you encounter a crazy magician on your journy who wish to try hes magic power on you*. I dont wanna sound rude or trying to offend the owner of the game but you might have a bit spelling problem and i think maybe i could be of help with that... Again this was not meant for being rude at any point at all. But a nice game... although the npc graphic could need a caring, like mostly the npc doesnt even have eyes or goblins that have competely flat heads. This is my feedback on the game.

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Yes well, the two main developers' mother tongue is polish and they speak English with a varying level of correctness. They are already aware of the problem as it was already pointed out before.

You can report spelling mistakes and other grammar issues in this thread with your correction of the error:


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I don't mind critique. As Minister of Death written Eanglish is not my primary language, but there was typos in polish version too :P

Incrased will be fixed, if you found anything just write it here or in http://carpg.pl/forum/index.php?topic=52.0 .


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