January 20, 2019, 00:23:48 AM
Version 0.2.10
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New CaRpg version 0.2.10
Not many visible changes in this version. Mainly gui, translation and bug fixes.

Download (86.6 MB):

Patch 0.2.5 -> 0.2.10 (1.82 MB):

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Featured changes:
* better gui (inventory, character panel, trade, minimap)
* loading translation from file
* many minor upgrades and bug fixes
+ animation of taking weapon without shield
+ new equipment, sorted, with infinite space, can sell/drop equipped items
+ better console (can scroll, remember last commands)
+ can pick any resolution
+ journal shortcuts
+ update journal when it's opened
+ update minimap after opening doors
+ shortcut for picking all items
+ blocking is more usefull now
+ updated raknet library
+ generated team open doors
+ images in saves on world map
+ easier picking dialog choice
+ bow accuracy depends on skill
+ shield block speed depends on skill
+ armor skill incrase allowed dexterity
+ in hardcore mode save name is remembered
+ arifacts give magic resistance, potion of antimagic
+ magic items incrase magic damage
+ Spinesheath incrase backstab damage, rogue has incrased backstab damage, undead and golems take decrased backstab damage
+ can open journal on world map
+ minimap displays other units, items and portals
+ ai better cast healing and rise spells, target units that need it most
+ boss in quest 'Evil' is easier, dungeons have minimum two levels
+ priest heals team on travel
+ can't stun with shield bash all the time
+ some bosses now have guards that don't attack until them
+ updated FmodEx from 4.40.06 to 4.44.46
Fixed bugs:
- fixed wrong representation of units on minimap
- keeping button pressed don't act like pressing it more times
- breaking drinking potion don't change it to team item
- items gained while alone don't change to team items when someone join you
- fixed error with stairs in right up corner
- fixed missing translations
- fixed heroes in dungeon not opening doors on generation
- fixed memleak when loading save on worldmap and exiting
- fixed MP error when server use different character on loading
- fixed MP error when leader is new character on loading
- in MP client throwing gold now works
- player leaving game don't block NPC with he was trading/talking
- fixed memleak with text boubbles in MP
- command 'trainage' don't crash on worldmap for client
- door walls in crypt have correct texture
- noclip works for cleint
- background color in save images is now correct
- NPC can't trigger portals by moving in them
- in ancient weaponery there is only one portal
- whisper works correctly in lobby for multiple clients
- turning cheats in tutorial don't crash
- fixed crash when after visiting dugeon you were in outside locating and alt-tabed
- units that stop using object won't block
- potions and training correctly incrase requirments for next level
- fixed missing key in quest 'Orc band'
- fixed bug when AI keep blocking after combat
- fixed bug in MP where information about end of blocking was not sent
- fixed bug in command 'list itemn'
- stairs are now drawn on cave minimap
- fixed bug in generating cave
- fixed bug after loading game where AI is trainging shooting with bow
- fixed memleak when loading game (with particles)
- fixed with bosses running everywhere after hearing combat
- ai don't break dialog to cast spell
- ai don't search for enemies when combat end while they cast spell
- portals where visible on different levels of dungeon
- changing level when taking weapon is now handled
- fixed crash when loading game with arrows
- fixed boss ai in quest 'Evil'
- fixed bug with crazies on road
- spell raise don't block other units with raised
- drain spell don't work on friendly units
- mages check if there units on fire line
- fixed bug in location from quest 'Evil' was never reseted after completing it
- fixed rare crash when entering city/village
- fixed bug with painting colliding with each other
- fixed bugs with tournament (correctly say it was in this year, don't crash when loading before starting, heroes geather around)
- fixed crash when talking with bodyguards in quest 'Lost bow'
- bodyguards and boss in quest 'Lost bow' don't talk like goblins
- fixed crash in secret location
- fixed bug when killing units cause your team to lose morale
- fixed bug in quest 'Weird stone' not counting toward completed unique quests
- fixed bug in MP in loading quest items
- fixed crash in MP where player was talking weapon
- fixed crash in MP when loading game saved in encounter and leaving
- fixed bug where player give gold to NPC and it calculate in based on server gold