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Posted by: Tomashu
« on: January 13, 2020, 11:16:03 AM »

I'm not using game maker. It's written in c++, you can check code here if interested https://github.com/Tomash667/carpg .
Posted by: LXRDSTEGO
« on: January 13, 2020, 00:19:02 AM »

What game maker do you use?
Posted by: Minister of Death
« on: January 12, 2020, 17:14:00 PM »

You know, I'm going to play the mage class until I get bored of it, yay new class :-D
Posted by: Tomashu
« on: January 11, 2020, 20:48:02 PM »

New year, new version :P On last day when i thought everything was ready for new release I found bug that could cause memory corruption and crash and random places. Hopefully this fixes some of reported crashes that I couldn't fix :-\

CaRpg 0.13 (115 MB)

Code: [Select]
! cannot load saves from version 0.5 or older
+ continued storyline
+ pickable mage class
+ better aiming with bow
+ mana potion shortcut
+ allow player to use multiple abilities
+ loading abilities from files
+ new feat (magic adept), items: master wand, ring of mystic magic
+ moved quest "bandits collect toll" to scripts
+ changed some flora textures [Leinnan]
+ optimisations
+ scene manager improvements
+ updated to Visual Studio 2019
+ update libraries: Curl 7.66, DirectXMath 3.14, FMod 1.10.16, JSON for Modern C++ 3.7.0, SLikeNet 0.1.3
- crash or memory corruption when revisiting city between 1 and 9 days
- crash when clicking/removing shortcut at right time [Savagesheep/mishka]
- fixed drain spell crashing when casting unit is removed
- crash when using quickload in menu with console open and there is no save or failed to load
- removing keys in settings wasn't saved unless other keys were changed
- no mana regeneration for npc clerics
- crash on quest timeout "kill animals" when target location is cave or player visit forest for first time
- crash on quest timeout "camp near city"
- can't cast heal when something is between camera and player
- crash at world generation when failed to spawn location with artifact
- removed memory leak in cutscenes
- crash in save load panel when saves where changed manualy while playing
- running in side and attacking won't cause running attack
- missing floor/ceiling collider
- ai escape only to next room then stays
- crash when render initialization failed
- rare crash when spawning heroes in dungeon