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Posted by: Minister of Death
« on: August 03, 2019, 21:23:21 PM »

now I know what I'll do today ;-)
Posted by: Tomashu
« on: July 28, 2019, 14:07:23 PM »

New version :) Special thanks to Ampped for many reported crashes.

CaRpg 0.11 (114 MB)

Code: [Select]
! cannot load saves from version 0.3 or older
+ loading unit group settings from file
+ better version checking, new version popup shows changelog
+ player can now cancel attack by hiding weapon
+ player can rotate camera when lying on ground
+ summoned wolf follow owner, heroes follow player that asked for it
+ drawing chests on minimap
+ hitting melee targets and shooting at ranged targets trains player
+ missing stamina slows down attacks instead of preventing them
+ bigger cave, stalagmites
+ gold on bookcases
- fixed skeleton corpse animation moving it thru wall making it not lootable [Zielu]
- fixed rare crash when alt tabbing at startup
- fixed grass under moon well
- after player fights at arena with npc ally, npc will warp with player when entering/exiting buildings, this could crash game when npc was outside building and player exit building
- fixed dialog after pvp with hero
- missing magic effects for clients after loading inside building
- fixed crashes when using nosound/nomusic config options
- fixed rare crash when generating world/traveling [Ampped]
- loading corrupted save and then loading correct one can crash game [Ampped]
- added temporary fix for inventory crashing [Ampped/jakee248]
- drain spell healing effect was not affected by magic resistance
- random camps was not spawning
- crash when entering bandits quest final dungeon [Ampped]
- crash when leaving location before Jozan does [Ampped]
- crash when leaving location before old mage after refusing to take him to team
- missing golem sound in encounter on world map
- journal next page arrow was not working
- crash when generating secret portal in mine [Ampped]
- crash when using last item with shortcut with inventory open [Anonymous]