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Posted by: Minister of Death
« on: March 09, 2019, 02:47:06 AM »

Haven't had the time to try it yet. I'm on it as soon as tomorrow morning. I'll post on the bug thread if I see a bug. Thanks for your hard work btw.
Posted by: Tomashu
« on: March 08, 2019, 08:02:17 AM »

Hey :) Did you send some crash reports in inventory?
Posted by: Minister of Death
« on: March 06, 2019, 05:59:24 AM »

"this is last version working on windows xp"

This was the last game still supporting XP lol.
Posted by: Tomashu
« on: February 23, 2019, 15:33:30 PM »

CaRpg 0.8 (112 MB)

Code: [Select]
! this is last version working on windows xp
! cannot load saves from version 0.2.10 or older
+ new combat system, mobility calculations
+ master server, get list of existing servers and connect with nat punchthrough
+ learning points used to training skills/attributes/feats
+ new feats (bad back, chronic disease, sluggish, slow learner, asocial, poor, strong back, aggressive, mobility, finesse, tough, hard skin, adaptation, perfect health)
+ new skill haggle, trained by merchant
+ effects system (feats gives effects)
+ key to toggle run/walk
+ loading traders stock from file, refreshing stock every 10 days, not when entering location
+ new commands (add_effect, remove_effect, list_effects, add_perk, remove_perk, list_perks, select, list_stats, add_learning_points, arena, clean_level)
+ new items: magic scroll, knife, wooden sword, rusted hatchet, plank shield, rusted splint armor, Gladiator armor, muffin
+ hero ai profiles - prefered skills/items
+ application crash reporting using CrashRpt
+ adjusted item prices, units golds, quest rewards
+ not spawning enemies close to stairs, less enemies in big connected rooms
+ adjusted speed of gaining attributes/skills by player and heroes
+ bigger world map, map zoom and scrolling, can travel anywhere
+ location search box on world map
+ unique hero to recruit
+ attacking peaceful orcs don't cause attack by citizens
- fixed fast melee weapon training on low level enemies
- fixed talking with unit that is standing up
- fixed units rotating when talking for clients
- wanted quest could select already used location where target will fail to spawn
- fixed memory leak when generating mine
- mayor dialog fixes
- fixed wrong price calculations when selling items to fallower
- fixed connecting to full server
- fixed removing password from server but it was still required
- fixed goblins/orcs missing idle dialogs
- fixed arena encounter levels
- fixed handling of quest clear location when location is cave
- fixed crash when loading game with some quest items
- fixed crash when left cursed stone in level with corpses
- fixed special actions drawing
- fixed healing by Jozan units fighting on arena when he is outside
- fixed crash when alt tabbing trade is open and item popup is visible
- fixed crash when loading game with someone shooting bow