September 22, 2020, 16:07:59 PM


Version 0.17 (2020-08-29):

! cannot load saves from version 0.7 or older + hunters camp, quest to kill dire wolf + better item models: vodka, gray potion + better camp generator + renamed skill haggle -> persuasion, can be used in some dialogs + wolfs don't attack instantly + boss music and health bar + prevent from spawning units inside campfire + continue last game in menu + support for auto updates + scene manager optimisations + vignette effect - crash when hunter pick traveling merchant feat [Leinnan] - crash when asking mayor about quest in capital city [Woltvint] - missing boss music - invalid explosion size for client for some spells - double explosion sound for clients

Version 0.16 (2020-07-01):

! cannot load saves from version 0.6.2 or older + new enemy: ogre + new equipment: cutlass, mercenary sword, barbed cudgel, dwarf axe, kite shield, spiked shield, shield of death, ogre club + improved models: short/long sword, hatchet, battle axe, crystal axe, axe of giant, orc axe/sword/hammer, iron/steel/mithril/adamantine shield, The Wall shield + new names, dialogs improvements + end of game don't block chat, loading game etc + idle dialogs loaded from files + converted quest "camp near city" to script + multiple chest types support, silver chest + allow changing sound device + less hardcoded characters appearances + some dungeons start with door, in mages tower levels goes up + combat: using too heavy shield slow down blocking & bashing, use more stamina - crash sometimes when client gives item to npc hero - after client give ring/amulet npc hero it won't be visible until trading again - in server lobby for clients it was always displayed that there was no password - crash in multiplayer when quickloading after save was replaced in background to incompatibile save - it was possible to spawn strength/endurance/dexterity potion in chest [Zielu] - failed to load game for client when someone shoot from bow - invalid units interpolation when using 'speed' command - zombie sometimes not attacking after stunning [Zielu] - bull's charge not stopping attack animation [Zielu] - fixed draw_hitbox command & shields - no death camera for clients - gorush shaman not using his new armor [Zielu] - gorush missing shaman texture - random client crash after fighting with golems [Zielu] - fixed reversed shift/control key in give/share items - heroes without mana don't collect mana potions - only Jozan heal team when traveling - sometimes garbage text when recruiting hero in academy - more golems on worldmap encounter - encounter map was not changing - better projectiles synchronization in multiplayer - save/load chest animation - invalid inventory weight after alchemy [SwagOfficerSuccubus] - opening alchemy view didn't close other views - crash when using list_stats command on non hero - can't use dash/bull's charge when overloaded - invalid damage calculations for bull's charge

Version 0.15 (2020-05-31):

! cannot load saves from version 0.6.1 or older + moved from directx 9 to directx 11 + learning new alchemy recipes [BottledByte & Tomashu] + new alchemical ingredients: magic herb, tallow, vitalit, troll's blood; new recipes: natural healing , regeneration, antimagic, antidotum; historic book + new enemy - slime + scarecrow on fields, windmill + converted quest "find artifact" to script + month name instead of number, different start date + different dialogs for traveling merchant, trainer + update libraries: Curl 7.69.1, FMod 1.10.20, JSON for Modern C++ 3.7.3 - randomly generated dungeons were mostly of single type - random crash when entering city after AI asks for armor [SwagOfficerSuccubus] - crash after loading game where player is casting spell [Ampped] - can't use speed command in singleplayer game - mouse zoom sometimes didn't have effect on camera - crash when launching [AnimeIsWrong] - script error when talking with alchemist, everyone get better prices - merchant stock didn't generate selected items - crash when window is minimized in fullscreen and game is loading [BottledByte, Lemiczek, Mokai] - ai asks for items in invalid order - camera bugs when talking with next npc right after first dialog - crash when loading mp game with doors opening/closing - missing news after clearing location - improved cleric heal targeting priority - memory leak after regenerating enemies in forest - feats mobility/finese required endurance instead of dexterity - not visible equipped rings/amulets when sharing items or looting corpse - hero skill preference randomized on level up - for client raised undead have empty health bar - far enemies do nothing after being shot - ai wasn't buying some amulets/rings [Zielu] - invalid attack/defense values of items when sharing items with hero by client

Version 0.14.1 (2020-04-11):

+ increased max allowed players to 64 - crash on crafting in alchemy, fixed by BottledByte [Lemiczek] - crash after finishing using cauldron after alchemy [Lemiczek] - missing/broken english texts in main storyline [BottledByte] - clicking on scrollbar in alchemy when only 1 potion can be created caused numberic overflow [Lemiczek] - after loading game where client is ending using object it was stuck inside object - no encounters when spamming travel and stop travel [Lemiczek] - no quest item spawned in crypt [Ampped] - camp spawned under city and can't be entered in bandits/camp near city quest [Ampped] - loading freeze after dead unit with script vars is removed (ill villager) [Ampped]

Version 0.14 (2020-03-31):

! cannot load saves from version 0.5.1 or older + continued storyline and side quest + alchemy skill, crafting 6 simple potions (healing & mana) + new history feat: student of traveling merchant (+10 haggle, 500 gold) + building inside city - shrine + camera setup in dialogs + converted quests "deliver letter" and "gladiator armor" to scripts + loading feats from file + loading rooms from file + scene manager improvements (part 2) + warp to building front command + search for location shortcut - F, journal & chat buttons + cancel attack key - X + update libraries: AngelScript 2.34, Bullet 2.89 - save in hardcore mode wasn't removed - ai gets stuck when using stools in inn - improved summon wolf targeting - rare crash when canceling pick server - missing message about completing all unique quests - unit is overloaded after exceeding carry capacity [Lemiczek] - changing controls require double-click [BottledByte, Lemiczek, Mokai] - error with missing dll MSVCP140 on some systems [BottledByte] - after defeat on arena dash gets broken [Lemiczek] - defeated ally blocks dash - thunder bolt can be cast thru walls and objects - ai aiming fixed - herbs spawned behind location area [BottledByte] - if unit lies on ground, after entering location it will be still lying - fast travel toast inactive when there is another [Lemiczek] - weird character placement and downwarp using a wand and seat after canceling take out weapon [BottledByte] - health bar in multiplayer incorrect update after defeat [BottledByte] - magic crystal does not have mana restoring effect [BottledByte] - dash/bull's charge could move thru small objects and get player stuck [Lemiczek, BottledByte] - journal cycling while adding a note during world map [Lemiczek] - multiplayer terrain synchronization weirdness on packet loss [BottledByte] - console causing game crash when extremely long integer is supplied to a command [BottledByte, Lemiczek] - items can be used in knockout animation or when lying on ground [BottledByte] - client crash when disconnected during changing dungeon level - missing mouth animation when talking for clients - broken lobby after client with invalid data checksum tries to join [BottledByte]

Version 0.13 (2020-01-11):

! cannot load saves from version 0.5 or older + continued storyline + pickable mage class + better aiming with bow + mana potion shortcut + allow player to use multiple abilities + loading abilities from files + new feat (magic adept), items: master wand, ring of mystic magic + moved quest "bandits collect toll" to scripts + changed some flora textures [Leinnan] + optimisations + scene manager improvements + updated to Visual Studio 2019 + update libraries: Curl 7.66, DirectXMath 3.14, FMod 1.10.16, JSON for Modern C++ 3.7.0, SLikeNet 0.1.3 - crash or memory corruption when revisiting city between 1 and 9 days - crash when clicking/removing shortcut at right time [Savagesheep/mishka] - fixed drain spell crashing when casting unit is removed - crash when using quickload in menu with console open and there is no save or failed to load - removing keys in settings wasn't saved unless other keys were changed - no mana regeneration for npc clerics - crash on quest timeout "kill animals" when target location is cave or player visit forest for first time - crash on quest timeout "camp near city" - can't cast heal when something is between camera and player - crash at world generation when failed to spawn location with artifact - removed memory leak in cutscenes - crash in save load panel when saves where changed manualy while playing - running in side and attacking won't cause running attack - missing floor/ceiling collider - ai escape only to next room then stays - crash when render initialization failed - rare crash when spawning heroes in dungeon

Version 0.12.2 (2019-10-27):

+ MP packet logger - crash when entering location when on leaving location team members was eating/drinking [Anonymous] - longer waiting for clients that are slowly loading game [Leinnan] - invalid calculations of when fast travel is available for clients - improved take out/hide weapon animation

Version 0.12 (2019-09-22):

! cannot load saves from version 0.4.20 or older + academy - can recruit beginner heroes there + start of storyline + new player class: cleric - healing spell + mana + fast travel (can be used inside safe locations by team leader to quickly return to map) + new skills: gods magic, concentration + new feats: strong aura, magic harmony + new items: magic crystal, mana potions, 10 magic rings, amulet of mana + decreased strength requirments for blunt weapons/axes + loading character classes from file + update libraries: FMod 1.10.14 + improved version checking, using libcurl - crash when mages at arena kill spectator [Ampped] - crash when goblins steal old bow [Ampped] - in multiplayer redoing character creation was resetting to standard inventory - eating herbs have now correct animation and sounds - door sounds was playing very rare when someone else used door in mp - crash when player hit by electro spell quits game at same time - client crash when loading game with electro effect - crash when npc follows player and he quits - crash when npc escapes towards player and he quits - crash after loading game when npc wants something from player that not exists after loading - some spells didn't use magic power to increase damage - captive doesn't join arena combat - can't give gold to summoned or temporary team members - crash on give gold dialog box or kick confirmation when player quit - fixed location entrance direction - in multiplayer game removing team members don't shuffle order - client after exiting multiplayer and starting singleplayer wasn't leader - units rotation that stay in single place could change after leaving location - black armor missing texture

Version 0.11.1 (2019-08-12):

- crash on animals encounter [Savagesheep] - crash when new player joins loaded multiplayer game [Savagesheep] - crash prevention when loading multiplayer game for quest items [Savagesheep] - crash when enemy cast drain and misses hitting melee or bow targets [Savagesheep] - fixed attacking peaceful orcs cause attack from citizens - units collision shape was slightly higher then it should be - fixed starting resolution of 800x600 - running LAN server was visible on list of servers

Version 0.11 (2019-07-28):

! cannot load saves from version 0.3 or older + loading unit group settings from file + better version checking, new version popup shows changelog + player can now cancel attack by hiding weapon + player can rotate camera when lying on ground + summoned wolf follow owner, heroes follow player that asked for it + drawing chests on minimap + hitting melee targets and shooting at ranged targets trains player + missing stamina slows down attacks instead of preventing them + bigger cave, stalagmites + gold on bookcases - fixed skeleton corpse animation moving it thru wall making it not lootable [Zielu] - fixed rare crash when alt tabbing at startup - fixed grass under moon well - after player fights at arena with npc ally, npc will warp with player when entering/exiting buildings, this could crash game when npc was outside building and player exit building - fixed dialog after pvp with hero - missing magic effects for clients after loading inside building - fixed crashes when using nosound/nomusic config options - fixed rare crash when generating world/traveling [Ampped] - loading corrupted save and then loading correct one can crash game [Ampped] - added temporary fix for inventory crashing [Ampped/jakee248] - drain spell healing effect was not affected by magic resistance - random camps was not spawning - crash when entering bandits quest final dungeon [Ampped] - crash when leaving location before Jozan does [Ampped] - crash when leaving location before old mage after refusing to take him to team - missing golem sound in encounter on world map - journal next page arrow was not working - crash when generating secret portal in mine [Ampped] - crash when using last item with shortcut with inventory open [Anonymous]

Version 0.10 (2019-05-05):

! cannot load saves from version 0.2.20 or older + new unique quest: Herbs for the alchemist + new unit effects: maximum stamina, stamina regeneration speed, attribute/skill bonus + new feat (energetic) + mages tower shop inside some cities + alchemist now buy herbs + rings: silver, golden, emerald, 27 magic rings + new item: spring water, troll hide armor, 9 magic amulets + better priorities for heroes buying/asking for items + configureable item/action shortcuts + improved inventory updates + improved chest handling in multiplayer + update libraries: FMod 1.10.12, JSON for Modern C++ 3.6.1 - fixed crash when accepting some quests that generate new locations [Anonymous] - fixed rare crash when entering some dungeons - fixed infinite wait time when using -delay switch - fixed broken side menu - fixed save sometimes failing on world map - fixed crash when used clean_level command twice without closing console - fixed crash when using whisper command by client [Anonymous] - fixed bugged quest "Bandits collect toll" [Zielu] - fixed possibility to complete quest when talking to different captain/traveler in some quests [Zielu] - fixed crash when server takes equipped ring from corpse in multiplayer [Zielu] - fixed one bookcase in townhall being not lootable - fixed leaving rescue captive inside city, can be talked again and act like it is start of quest - fixed strong back perk not affecting carry capacity after loading [Zielu] - fixed invalid gold share calculations for clients for example summoned wolf - fixed missing torch particles for clients - fixed weapon state when changing dungeon level for clients - fixed learning perks take no time - fixed sometimes missing wall next to dungeon stairs

Version 0.9 (2019-03-30):

! removed support for windows xp ! cannot load saves from version 0.2.12 or older + first scripted quest - deliver resources + loading multiplayer game without exiting to menu + new enemies: bear, black bear + more location icons and names + dialog script improvements + removing dead end corridors + update libraries: Angelscript 2.33, Bullet 2.88, DirectXMath 3.13, FMod 1.10.11, SLikeNet 0.1.2, Visual Leak Detector 2.5.1, zlib 1.2.11 + better handling of multiplayer when leaving location + keeping save image and info inside single file + amulets: silver, gold, ruby, diamond + wolf/bear pelts + better error reporting - fixed rare crash when goblins/orcs eat food (often happen in tutorial) [Harorri] - fixed using kill command on corpse prevent from looting - fixed journal not blocking player controlls - fixed talking/picking items thru doors at right angle - fixed talking/picking items inside building thru walls - fixed generating rocks in cave/mine that could block path - fixed talking with unit exiting/entering building - fixed clients portal memory leak - fixed crash when revisiting locations by portal - fixed clients invalid position on world map when loading game in locations by portal - fixed failed connection when using LAN with password - fixed enemy hp not affecting morale - fixed missing magic effect for clients when despawning dead summoned unit - fixed client start location not marked as visited - fixed server crash when looted unit is removed - fixed client crash when loading game where someone is using usable - fixed client broken npcs using usables after reentering location - fixed crash when left location in single player when player searched for servers first [Anonymous] - fixed rare contant alcohol effect for clients after entering location [MildlyPhilosophicalHobbit] - fixed crash at arena combat where there is no free space to spawn enemies [Anonymous] - fixed crash when using take all items on chest with visible item details [Anonymous] - fixed crash when loading game with visible profiler - fixed sounds max distance - fixed units holding food all time in hand after revisiting location - fixed decreased performance every time outside location was reentered - fixed memory leaks and missing terrain textures after trying to load corrupted save and then starting a new game - fixed crash when saving game with magic bullets or some others spells - fixed ai rushing at enemy while eating/drinking - fixed ai spells targeting that was slightly moved to right - fixed ai aiming of some ray spells - fixed archers switching between bow and melee weapon too often - fixed ai searching for already dead enemy after being hit from slow moving attack after their death - fixed ai cleric getting stuck when trying to heal someone - fixed ai melee attacks from archers/mages from far range when their line of sight is blocked - fixed ai trying to get to enemy corpse when someone else alerted him and target is already dead - fixed delay before leaving location on worldmap/entering location before showing load screen - fixed crash when necromancer revived enemy with weapons taken [Anonymous] - fixed tournament corrupting speech bubbles

Version 0.8 (2019-02-23):

! this is last version working on windows xp ! cannot load saves from version 0.2.10 or older + new combat system, mobility calculations + master server, get list of existing servers and connect with nat punchthrough + learning points used to training skills/attributes/feats + new feats (bad back, chronic disease, sluggish, slow learner, asocial, poor, strong back, aggressive, mobility, finesse, tough, hard skin, adaptation, perfect health) + new skill haggle, trained by merchant + effects system (feats gives effects) + key to toggle run/walk + loading traders stock from file, refreshing stock every 10 days, not when entering location + new commands (add_effect, remove_effect, list_effects, add_perk, remove_perk, list_perks, select, list_stats, add_learning_points, arena, clean_level) + new items: magic scroll, knife, wooden sword, rusted hatchet, plank shield, rusted splint armor, Gladiator armor, muffin + hero ai profiles - prefered skills/items + application crash reporting using CrashRpt + adjusted item prices, units golds, quest rewards + not spawning enemies close to stairs, less enemies in big connected rooms + adjusted speed of gaining attributes/skills by player and heroes + bigger world map, map zoom and scrolling, can travel anywhere + location search box on world map + unique hero to recruit + attacking peaceful orcs don't cause attack by citizens - fixed fast melee weapon training on low level enemies - fixed talking with unit that is standing up - fixed units rotating when talking for clients - wanted quest could select already used location where target will fail to spawn - fixed memory leak when generating mine - mayor dialog fixes - fixed wrong price calculations when selling items to fallower - fixed connecting to full server - fixed removing password from server but it was still required - fixed goblins/orcs missing idle dialogs - fixed arena encounter levels - fixed handling of quest clear location when location is cave - fixed crash when loading game with some quest items - fixed crash when left cursed stone in level with corpses - fixed special actions drawing - fixed healing by Jozan units fighting on arena when he is outside - fixed crash when alt tabbing trade is open and item popup is visible - fixed crash when loading game with someone shooting bow

Version 0.7.1 (2018-04-15):

+ sorting team items, icon in inventory - fixed multiplayer not working - fixed crash when using alt tab in fullscreen mode after opening inventory - fixed crash after loading game with saved action after hiding weapon, saving action after hiding weapon in MP - fixed blocking player after loading saved game while using bookcase - fixed crash after puting welded item to bookcase - closing inventory when hiding weapon to sell/give it correctly cancels action - fixed crash when client gives npc equipped item - fixed using bookcase by clients - fixed long transition time when fighting on arena - fixed crash after loading game and gaining new fake parcel for bandits quest - fixed rare crash when encountered crazies and they give item to player - fixed crash after receiving reward from drinking contest - fixed snychronization of inventory bug after receiving potions after tournament combat - fixed crash when encountered crazy mage/crazy cook/quest madman/quest golem - fixed alt tab moving cursor/view - automatic loading game after startup don't crash if save is invalid - fixed crash when using alt tab at loading in fullscreen mode - fixed npc asking player about better items

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