December 07, 2019, 18:25:58 PM

xx [EN] Patch 0.12.2

October 27, 2019, 12:36:14 PM by Tomashu
Who known when new version will be released so it makes no sense to keep patched bugs on github :P

Patch requires version 0.12, extract all files to same folder and overwrite existing items.
CaRpg patch 0.12.2 (2 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ MP packet logger
- crash when entering location when on leaving location team members was eating/drinking [Anonymous]
- longer waiting for clients that are slowly loading game [Leinnan]
- invalid calculations of when fast travel is available for clients
- improved take out/hide weapon animation
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xx Version 0.12 - cleric, mana, story

September 22, 2019, 19:56:55 PM by Tomashu
And here comes the next version 0.12, if it goes on then maybe something will come out of this game ??? Extra thanks for Ampped for reported errors.

CaRpg 0.12 (115 MB)

Code: [Select]
! cannot load saves from version 0.4.20 or older
+ academy - can recruit beginner heroes there
+ start of storyline
+ new player class: cleric - healing spell
+ mana
+ fast travel (can be used inside safe locations by team leader to quickly return to map)
+ new skills: gods magic, concentration
+ new feats: strong aura, magic harmony
+ new items: magic crystal, mana potions, 10 magic rings, amulet of mana
+ decreased strength requirments for blunt weapons/axes
+ loading character classes from file
+ update libraries: FMod 1.10.14
+ improved version checking, using libcurl
- crash when mages at arena kill spectator [Ampped]
- crash when goblins steal old bow [Ampped]
- in multiplayer redoing character creation was resetting to standard inventory
- eating herbs have now correct animation and sounds
- door sounds was playing very rare when someone else used door in mp
- crash when player hit by electro spell quits game at same time
- client crash when loading game with electro effect
- crash when npc follows player and he quits
- crash when npc escapes towards player and he quits
- crash after loading game when npc wants something from player that not exists after loading
- some spells didn't use magic power to increase damage
- captive doesn't join arena combat
- can't give gold to summoned or temporary team members
- crash on give gold dialog box or kick confirmation when player quit
- fixed location entrance direction
- in multiplayer game removing team members don't shuffle order
- client after exiting multiplayer and starting singleplayer wasn't leader
- units rotation that stay in single place could change after leaving location
- black armor missing texture
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xx [EN] Patch 0.11.1

August 12, 2019, 18:32:29 PM by Tomashu
There were some bugs so specially for this occasion new patch, greetings for Savagesheep :-X

Patch requires version 0.11, files should be extracted to same directory replacing existing files.
CaRpg patch 0.11.1 (2 MB)

Code: [Select]
- crash on animals encounter [Savagesheep]
- crash when new player joins loaded multiplayer game [Savagesheep]
- crash prevention when loading multiplayer game for quest items [Savagesheep]
- crash when enemy cast drain and misses hitting melee or bow targets [Savagesheep]
- fixed attacking peaceful orcs cause attack from citizens
- units collision shape was slightly higher then it should be
- fixed starting resolution of 800x600
- running LAN server was visible on list of servers
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xx Version 0.11

July 28, 2019, 14:07:23 PM by Tomashu
New version :) Special thanks to Ampped for many reported crashes.

CaRpg 0.11 (114 MB)

Code: [Select]
! cannot load saves from version 0.3 or older
+ loading unit group settings from file
+ better version checking, new version popup shows changelog
+ player can now cancel attack by hiding weapon
+ player can rotate camera when lying on ground
+ summoned wolf follow owner, heroes follow player that asked for it
+ drawing chests on minimap
+ hitting melee targets and shooting at ranged targets trains player
+ missing stamina slows down attacks instead of preventing them
+ bigger cave, stalagmites
+ gold on bookcases
- fixed skeleton corpse animation moving it thru wall making it not lootable [Zielu]
- fixed rare crash when alt tabbing at startup
- fixed grass under moon well
- after player fights at arena with npc ally, npc will warp with player when entering/exiting buildings, this could crash game when npc was outside building and player exit building
- fixed dialog after pvp with hero
- missing magic effects for clients after loading inside building
- fixed crashes when using nosound/nomusic config options
- fixed rare crash when generating world/traveling [Ampped]
- loading corrupted save and then loading correct one can crash game [Ampped]
- added temporary fix for inventory crashing [Ampped/jakee248]
- drain spell healing effect was not affected by magic resistance
- random camps was not spawning
- crash when entering bandits quest final dungeon [Ampped]
- crash when leaving location before Jozan does [Ampped]
- crash when leaving location before old mage after refusing to take him to team
- missing golem sound in encounter on world map
- journal next page arrow was not working
- crash when generating secret portal in mine [Ampped]
- crash when using last item with shortcut with inventory open [Anonymous]
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exclamation Version 0.10 - shortcuts, magic items, alchemist quest

May 05, 2019, 16:23:42 PM by Tomashu
New version ::)

CaRpg 0.10 (113 MB)

Code: [Select]
! cannot load saves from version 0.2.20 or older
+ new unique quest: Herbs for the alchemist
+ new unit effects: maximum stamina, stamina regeneration speed, attribute/skill bonus
+ new feat (energetic)
+ mages tower shop inside some cities
+ alchemist now buy herbs
+ rings: silver, golden, emerald, 27 magic rings
+ new item: spring water, troll hide armor, 9 magic amulets
+ better priorities for heroes buying/asking for items
+ configureable item/action shortcuts
+ improved inventory updates
+ improved chest handling in multiplayer
+ update libraries: FMod 1.10.12, JSON for Modern C++ 3.6.1
- fixed crash when accepting some quests that generate new locations [Anonymous]
- fixed rare crash when entering some dungeons
- fixed infinite wait time when using -delay switch
- fixed broken side menu
- fixed save sometimes failing on world map
- fixed crash when used clean_level command twice without closing console
- fixed crash when using whisper command by client [Anonymous]
- fixed bugged quest "Bandits collect toll" [Zielu]
- fixed possibility to complete quest when talking to different captain/traveler in some quests [Zielu]
- fixed crash when server takes equipped ring from corpse in multiplayer [Zielu]
- fixed one bookcase in townhall being not lootable
- fixed leaving rescue captive inside city, can be talked again and act like it is start of quest
- fixed strong back perk not affecting carry capacity after loading [Zielu]
- fixed invalid gold share calculations for clients for example summoned wolf
- fixed missing torch particles for clients
- fixed weapon state when changing dungeon level for clients
- fixed learning perks take no time
- fixed sometimes missing wall next to dungeon stairs
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