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thumbup Version 0.18 - A bit of everything

July 03, 2021, 19:57:25 PM by Tomashu
Ehh, it was hard to get to work, but here is the new version;) Thanks to Groszek for graphic changes, at least there is something to look at.

CaRpg 0.18 (132 MB)


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! cannot load saves from version 0.7.1 or older
+ new gui textures, mages tower, spider, mannequin and shield - created by Groszek
+ small continued storyline
+ effects: rooted and slow moving
+ abilities "entangling arrow" / "bear trap" - can be learned in hunters camp
+ spell "fire trap" - can be learned from mages
+ investments in journal
+ can't kick out hero before he receive gold from sawmill/mine
+ converted quest "stolen artifact" to script
+ new console commands: "nocd" (abilities have no cooldown, costs no mana/stamina), "find" (search for nearest entity)
+ better scene manager - traps
- quests with long names don't fit in journal
- wrong sounds when hit skeleton/golem
- missing client hit sound from spears trap, from spells hit
- arrow hit wall sound for clients when shoot enemy was standing close to wall
- heal spell effect looked different for clients
- rare crash when loading
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xx [EN] Patch 0.17.2

February 06, 2021, 17:31:32 PM by Tomashu
When doing some development I discovered serious bug that breaks dialogs/text in quests. So there is new version fixing that with some other minor fixes.

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- some quests dialogs/text get corrupted after loading
- acadmy/empty/cleared locations wasn't safe, can't use fast travel
- player couldn't use some iron/gold veins
- when the client starts the conversation, the previous text is visible for a moment, when he ends the conversation there is an empty panel
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xx [EN] Patch 0.17.1

January 29, 2021, 13:30:50 PM by Tomashu
Sadly there was some major bugs that stayed not fixed for long time... This is first patch that uses automatic updates, hopefully everything works. But if it doesn't I will upload zip file :P

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- all random dungeons had same appearance
- when using take all items from corpse active magic effects was removed from player
- invalid weight calculation on server side when client used pick all button
- not visible player text in buildings
- invalid player nick in chat in singleplayer
- when player lies on ground and ally don't see enemy he stands and do nothing [Groszek]
- crash when hitting someone with bull's charge [ecusredio]
- poor targeting when summoning wolf in dungeon [julie]
- client crash when summoned wolf disappear [julie]
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thumbup Version 0.17 - dire wolf, hunters camp, auto-updates

August 29, 2020, 11:33:14 AM by Tomashu
Phew new version, I barely made it this month (yes I know it's a stretch :P). There are not too many changes, maybe I will catch up with the plot in the next version...

CaRpg 0.17 (120 MB)

(run out of space on dropbox)

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! cannot load saves from version 0.7 or older
+ hunters camp, quest to kill dire wolf
+ better item models: vodka, gray potion
+ better camp generator
+ renamed skill haggle -> persuasion, can be used in some dialogs
+ wolfs don't attack instantly
+ boss music and health bar
+ prevent from spawning units inside campfire
+ continue last game in menu
+ support for auto updates
+ scene manager optimisations
+ vignette effect
- crash when hunter pick traveling merchant feat [Leinnan]
- crash when asking mayor about quest in capital city [Woltvint]
- missing boss music
- invalid explosion size for client for some spells
- double explosion sound for clients
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thumbup Version 0.16 - ogre, weapon models, fixes

July 02, 2020, 19:01:13 PM by Tomashu
New version as every month :P

CaRpg 0.16 (117 MB)


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! cannot load saves from version 0.6.2 or older
+ new enemy: ogre
+ new equipment: cutlass, mercenary sword, barbed cudgel, dwarf axe, kite shield, spiked shield, shield of death, ogre club
+ improved models: short/long sword, hatchet, battle axe, crystal axe, axe of giant, orc axe/sword/hammer, iron/steel/mithril/adamantine shield, The Wall shield
+ new names, dialogs improvements
+ end of game don't block chat, loading game etc
+ idle dialogs loaded from files
+ converted quest "camp near city" to script
+ multiple chest types support, silver chest
+ allow changing sound device
+ less hardcoded characters appearances
+ some dungeons start with door, in mages tower levels goes up
+ combat: using too heavy shield slow down blocking & bashing, use more stamina
- crash sometimes when client gives item to npc hero
- after client give ring/amulet npc hero it won't be visible until trading again
- in server lobby for clients it was always displayed that there was no password
- crash in multiplayer when quickloading after save was replaced in background to incompatibile save
- it was possible to spawn strength/endurance/dexterity potion in chest [Zielu]
- failed to load game for client when someone shoot from bow
- invalid units interpolation when using 'speed' command
- zombie sometimes not attacking after stunning [Zielu]
- bull's charge not stopping attack animation [Zielu]
- fixed draw_hitbox command & shields
- no death camera for clients
- gorush shaman not using his new armor [Zielu]
- gorush missing shaman texture
- random client crash after fighting with golems [Zielu]
- fixed reversed shift/control key in give/share items
- heroes without mana don't collect mana potions
- only Jozan heal team when traveling
- sometimes garbage text when recruiting hero in academy
- more golems on worldmap encounter
- encounter map was not changing
- better projectiles synchronization in multiplayer
- save/load chest animation
- invalid inventory weight after alchemy [SwagOfficerSuccubus]
- opening alchemy view didn't close other views
- crash when using list_stats command on non hero
- can't use dash/bull's charge when overloaded
- invalid damage calculations for bull's charge
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