March 22, 2018, 05:15:46 AM

xx Patch 0.6.2

October 08, 2017, 11:39:38 AM by Tomashu
New fast version due to serious bug in previous version (no items generated in chests).

CaRpg 0.6.2 (108 MB)

CaRpg patch 0.6/0.6.1->0.6.2 (1.4 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ loading objects from file
- fixed crash when team npc want item from another team npc [MikelkCZ]
- fixed some object wrongly having colliders
- fixed building signs blocking player in city
- fixed invalid village hall mesh
- fixed invalid sign texture for food seller
- better redirecting to website
- fixed base animation played sometimes after drinking animation
- fixed not marking usable object as free when client stopped using, broken animation
- fixed opening/closing door not send between clients (only between client and server)
- fixed missing items in chests
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xx New version 0.6.1

October 01, 2017, 10:10:01 AM by Tomashu
Previous version was a bit late so in this month there are mostly fixes. New things are bookshelfs, reading books, gui changes and outside location rendering improvements.

Edit: Added patch 0.6.1

CaRpg 0.6.1 (108 MB)

CaRpg patch 0.6->0.6.1 (1.3 MB)

Changes in patch 0.6.1:
Code: [Select]
- fixed crash when team npc want item from another team npc (MikelkCZ)
- better redirecting to website

Code: [Select]
+ readable books
+ usable bookshelf
+ items rotation in inventory
+ sorting unit labels by distance
+ open location optimalizations
- fixed not working multiplayer from 0.5 version
- fixed missing moving animations for clients in multiplayer game
- fixed crashes and missing texts witch 3+ players on client getting disconnected between loading levels/world
- fixed crash on loading when new player joins loaded game
- fixed crashes and invalid working of lobby when loading game with 3+ players
- fixed crash when alt-tabbing at very start of initialization [Zettaton]
- fixed crash after killing evil boss [Medarc]
- fixed clients failed to load when server quit on worldmap and then start new game
- fixed using warp command when unit is using usable
- fixed player stats panel showing randomly colors for attributes/skills
- fixed using goto_map cheat inside buildings and returning to same location
- fixed incorrect message that player was kicked when server was closing
- fixed random crash when picking easy arena combat
- fixed sounds not playing correctly for arena in multiplayer
- remove gray outline around dungon minimap
- fixed invalid rumor texts in journal for some quests
- fixed summoning wolf on arena
- fixed allies declining/agreeing randomly to pvp after loading
- fixed units spawning randomly with worse items then they should have for their level
- fixed summoning wolf thru walls/door/arena
- fixed crash when summoned wolf inside wall
- fixed not working input with low fps, unit position exploding, wrong animations
- fixed missing unit animations that happen sometimes
- fixed saving & loading name/save name containing quotation mark
- fixed uneven generation of units in the inn/arena
- fixed missing message about near enemies for client when trying to leavel location
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xx New version 0.5

September 07, 2017, 21:28:41 PM by Tomashu
There was long time without new version but finally it is here. Main changes: stamina, special actions per class (dash, bull's charge, animal ally), faster loading at startup and as usual fixed old bugs ::)

CaRpg 0.5 (107 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ player actions (rogue - dash, hunter - animal ally, warrior - bull's charge)
+ stamina - used by attacking, blocking
+ new items: cup, golden cup, golden bar, plate, sausage, soup, stew, fish, fish meat, healing herb, green herb, frying pan
+ new resource manager, loading when required (units, items, buildings, objects, textures, music) not on start of game, new pak format
+ loading spells, dialogs, unit, buildings from file
+ loading list of required entities from file
+ bow arrow speed depends on bow type & skill [Paradox Edge]
+ autowalk (key F)
+ support for missing textures and meshes for items loading
+ allow game start without sound drivers
+ removed main quest until it's more complete
+ support for transparent items
+ new commands forcequest, stun, refresh_cooldown
- fixed rare pathfinding crash inside city/village
- fixed world map not sent to clients randomly
- fixed last item not visible in controls change panel
- fixed orc gorush always picking shaman class for random
- fixed orc gorush never getting more healing potions as intendent
- fixed incorrect number of items generated for innkeeper and orc blacksmith
- fixed crash when entering cave/encounter with animals
- fixed crash when using $ in textbox
- fixed crash in ecounter deliver parcel when parcel was not in inventory
- fixed crash when loading game on worldmap and player is disconnected
- fixed rare crash when generating village
- fixed tournament heroes being generated in any city, not only chosen one
- fixed window focus bug
- fixed problems with cursor when window was far from center
- fixed "iron vain" typo
- fixed invalid player name
- fixed carried inventory weight effect on run speed
- fixed many animations speed affected by walk speed (drop item, pickup)
- fixed compability with pre 0.3 village hall broken in 0.4.20
- fixed fields texture in villages
- fixed item icon not using armor texture overrides (mithril, dragonscale)
- fixed objects around buildings from village spawning inside city townhall
- fixed journal blocking quicksave/quickload
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xx Patch 0.4.20

April 30, 2016, 10:44:54 AM by Tomashu
Probably last patch version before 0.5, there is no bugs left :P

CaRpg 0.4.20 for versions 0.4, 0.4.10 (1.83 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ added code to prevent font loading failure on windows 10 [XNautPhD]
+ added code to turn off sound and music if initializing sound driver fails [XNautPhD]
+ update FmodEx library to newest version
- fixed new version dialog not showing up
- fixed ai not buying medium armor if they have none if this is their best skill
- fixed wrong displayed count for ground items with count > 255 in MP
- fixed memory leaks created in previous version
- fixed memory leak for bow animation and unit shape in create character panel
- fixed memory leaks in dialog window with checkbox
- fixed bandit archer have 10% change to carry two bows
- fixed potion or food not disappearing after consume when unit is killed for client
- fixed memory leak with loading armors from file
- fixed message box not showing on task bar
- fixed english translation typo for quest delivery letter
- fixed taking out bow when changing level cause bugs [Vinur_Gamall]
- fixed spawning goblins quest boss in random room when loading game after talking with innkeeper (pre 0.4 saves)
- fixed killing/breaking action of units using objects will make them stuck inside object
- fixed breaking action of units drinking/eating will cause item to stay in hand
- fixed message about not accepting pvp when client accepted pvp from server
- fixed ultra rare crash on create character panel [Vinur_Gamall]
- fixed bow animation on create character panel [Vinur_Gamall]
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xx Patch version 0.4.10

December 28, 2015, 21:14:34 PM by Tomashu
Moar bug fixes, i wonder how many still waits to be fixed ::)

CaRpg 0.4.10 (102 MB)

CaRpg 0.4.10 for version 0.4 (1.2 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ rewritten mp packet handling to log all errors and not to crash
+ while shooting player rotate slower
+ add logging of sound drivers
+ better synchronization of revealing locations on world map in multiplayer
- fixed bug where team member will ask for orc armor and will wear it [Leinnan]
- fixed white screen after starting new game (sometimes on ati gpu) [Zielu]
- fixed black glitches in character create screen on character (sometimes on ati gpu) [Zielu]
- fixed bug where new player joining spawned inside building but was marked as outside (he didn't have green name),
when he leave building server crashed
- fixed server crash when new player joins game and crash at loading [Leinnan]
- fixed possibility to spawn new player outside building level, for now new players spawn in front of building
- fixed crash at closing game when some dialog boxes where closed automaticaly (for example main quest info was shown but server closed)
- fixed bug where npc team member will disappear but will still be visible on minimap (happened when he was in bulding and you leave location but entered it
again without leaving) [DerpyBarns]
- fixed cheat 'killall' not working in multiplayer
- fixed Gorush change don't work for client in MP
- fixed possible client crash when unit casts spell in MP
- fixed electro spell in MP
- fixed standing inside arena won't work when it's your turn to fight
- fixed generating bugged labiryth (1.5% chance)
- fixed npc shout sound for client in MP
- fixed hair changing don't show for client in MP
- fixed bloody screen when using cheats to lower str/end of client in MP
- fixed broken say/whisper/server commands
- fixed bug that allowed units to cast non combat spells (raise/heal) at lower level
- fixed bug when dungeon would be generated without prison room
- press and release mouse outside slider will not stop it working [Vinur_Gamall]
- now after shooting bow you can instantly click again to wait for next shot, don't have to wait to end of animation
- fixed bugs when stunned while looting chest/corpse/trading/talking
- fixed that client after entering/exiting building will rotate on server side after warp
- fixed units invalid size after entering location until they move/animate
- fixed items scaling with unit size [Vinur_Gamall]
- fixed mipmaping problems with terrain
- fixed bug in journal when sometimes there was missing enter between entries
- fixed server crash after client failed to load (again!)
- fixed dialog for deliver news quest
- fixed retrive package quest not working for client
- fixed crash when finished quest rescue captive
- fixed target location not revealed for client in find artifact quest
- fixed crash when taking quest for king agent in multiplayer
- fixed using portal will kick client from game
- fixed antimagic buff not removed after travel
- fixed effects removed after using portal
- fixed quest journal not updated in lost bow quest for client
- fixed location not revealed for client in lost bow quest
- fixed journal message added twice for client in evil quest
- fixed crash when ai tries to walk to location outside dungeon map
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