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Bugs / I would like to know about the knowledge within this site whether.
« Last post by Osbornex on September 19, 2018, 12:07:12 PM »
 The important thing that I realized is that this site is a very knowledgeable web site to share information very much.
Błędy / Bug z wyjeciem broni
« Last post by Tomashu on April 19, 2018, 08:56:40 AM »
Przyznajesz się bez bicia że jesteś botem?
Błędy / Bug z wyjeciem broni
« Last post by Larsonut on April 18, 2018, 12:19:17 PM »
Jestem jak ty Co muszę zrobić, aby to naprawić?
Pomysły / Inspiracje z innych gier
« Last post by Larsonut on April 18, 2018, 12:18:04 PM »
To świetna inspiracja, bardzo ją lubię.
News / Patch 0.7.1
« Last post by Tomashu on April 18, 2018, 08:19:20 AM »
Two first bugs were two serious to wait.
News / Patch 0.7.1
« Last post by Minister of Death on April 18, 2018, 02:24:18 AM »
wow, two updates in 1 month!
News / Patch 0.7.1
« Last post by Tomashu on April 15, 2018, 20:31:47 PM »
Due to some serious errors I was working on fixing them then adding new features.

CaRpg patch 0.7->0.7.1 (1.7 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ sorting team items, icon in inventory
- fixed multiplayer not working
- fixed crash when using alt tab in fullscreen mode after opening inventory
- fixed crash after loading game with saved action after hiding weapon, saving action after hiding weapon in MP
- fixed blocking player after loading saved game while using bookcase
- fixed crash after puting welded item to bookcase
- closing inventory when hiding weapon to sell/give it correctly cancels action
- fixed crash when client gives npc equipped item
- fixed using bookcase by clients
- fixed long transition time when fighting on arena
- fixed crash after loading game and gaining new fake parcel for bandits quest
- fixed rare crash when encountered crazies and they give item to player
- fixed crash after receiving reward from drinking contest
- fixed snychronization of inventory bug after receiving potions after tournament combat
- fixed crash when encountered crazy mage/crazy cook/quest madman/quest golem
- fixed alt tab moving cursor/view
- automatic loading game after startup don't crash if save is invalid
- fixed crash when using alt tab at loading in fullscreen mode
- fixed npc asking player about better items
Newsy / Patch 0.7.1
« Last post by Tomashu on April 15, 2018, 20:29:39 PM »
Z powodu kilku poważnych błędów w pierwszej kolejności nowy patch do wersji 0.7.

CaRpg patch 0.7->0.7.1 (1.7 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ sortowanie drużynowych przedmiotów, ikona w ekwipunku
- naprawione niedziałanie trybu multiplayer
- naprawiony crash po użyciu alt tab w trybie pełnoekranowym po przeglądaniu ekwipunku
- naprawiony crash po wczytaniu gry z zapisaną akcją po schowaniu broni, zapisywanie akcji po schowaniu broni w MP
- naprawione blokowanie akcji gracza po wczytaniu szybkiego zapisu podczas korzystania z biblioteczki
- naprawiony crash po odłożeniu na biblioteczkę przedmiotu trzymanego w dłoni
- zamknięcie ekwipunku podczas chowania broni w celu oddania/sprzedania jej poprawnie przerywa akcję
- naprawiony crash gdy klient da npc założony przedmiot
- naprawione używanie biblioteczki przez klientów
- naprawiony długi czas przejścia podczas walki na arenie
- naprawiony crash po wczytaniu gry i otrzymaniu kolejnej fałszywej paczki w zadaniu z bandytami
- naprawiony rzadki crash po natrafieniu na szaleńców i otrzymanie od nich przedmiotu
- naprawiony crash po otrzymaniu nagrody za zawody w piciu
- naprawiony błąd synchronizacji ekwipunku po otrzymaniu przez klienta miksturek po walce w zawodach
- naprawiony crash podczas losowego spotkania szalonego maga/szalonego kucharza/questowego szaleńca/questowego golema
- naprawione przesuwanie kursora/widoku przed alt tab
- automatyczne wczytywanie gry po uruchomieniu nie crashuje gdy zapis jest nieprawidłowy
- naprawiony crash po użyciu alt tab w trakcie wczytywania gry w trybie pełnoekranowym
- naprawione pytanie gracza przez npc o lepsze przedmioty
News / New version 0.7
« Last post by Zettaton on April 07, 2018, 18:56:32 PM »
Good job! I'm happy to see development is not dead on this game. If there is anything I can do to help you out, feel free to message me. If nothing else I can do language checks.
News / New version 0.7
« Last post by Tomashu on March 31, 2018, 09:11:36 AM »
New year, new version, hopefully not last this year ;D

CaRpg 0.7 (108 MB)

CaRpg patch 0.6/0.6.1/0.6.2->0.7 (1.7 MB)

Code: [Select]
+ loading arena unit groups from lists
+ better visible crosshair in dark places
+ info about leaving event area
+ using AngelScript language in console
+ changes in stamina regeneration speed
- fixed random crash when fighting with arena enemies and rolled to spawn mages and golems
- fixed empty location where there should be mages and golems there
- fixed recalculating inventory weight when loading old saves
- fixed crash after killing spider [xweert123]
- fixed some sounds not ending after loading game
- fixed error when loading sounds when sound was turned off in configuration
- fixed animation error when eating/drinking when sitting
- fixed animations and other bugs when using objects
- fixed bug when client take out weapon and use object in same time
- fixed errors during drinking contest (missing player blockade when he was talking during start, crash when ai was sitting on stoll and eating)
- fixed player can shoot without stamina
- fixed crash when Gorush changes class
- fixed very good starting item when player have very low skill
- fixed effects not disappearing from clients after travel
- heavy/medium armor don't gives better defense from dexterity bonus then light armor
- info about gaining skill/attribute shows up for client not for server
- fixed effects not disappearing from clients after travel
- fixed blocking arrows don't remove stamina
- fixed high shield skill give stamina from being hit
- fixed going up/down in dungeon kicking client
- rest before drinking contest was blocking join for clients
- tournament heroes wasn't spawning when entered at exact day
- removed memory leaks when spawning and removing camps
- fixed crash when when entering dungeon corpses where generated
- leaving location when unit is dying don't block looting it or spawning blood
- fixed crash during pvp when challenged player quit
- fixed sound volume not working for some sound
- fixed crash when client have sound attached and quits
- when npc is looking at player in some quests and player quits it won't make npc freeze
- fixed bugs and crashes when player leave game during tournament
- pressing next available dialog option button don't crash, 9 and 0 can be used now
- better dividing gold between team members
- fixed crash when used 'scare' command on unaware target, better escape handling
- Gorush correctly reveals his name for other players
- improved information about getting gold for clients
- fixed rare crash when there was encounter just before entering location
- fixed missing enemies inside forest
- fixed crash when revisiting sawmill
- fixed crash when encountered bandits attacking travelers
- fixed spawning orc with key behind locked doors
- fixed crash after revisiting mine
- fixed generating too strong enemies on encounters
- fixed crash when looking at down stairs in one type of dungeons
- archers don't come near target when they run out of stamina
- improved synchronization of traps between client and server
- fixed invisible arrows shoot from traps for clients
- fixed hitpoint of arrow and object

Looks like number of bugs in carpg is infinite!
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